Arsonist outside Hale house
Hale Arson Conspiracy
Chronological information

Initial summoning of the Nogitsune


Beacon Hills animal attacks


Argent Werewolf Genocide

Historical information

Hale House Fire, 2005


Attempted killings of Kate Argent and Peter Hale, Winter 2011


Beacon Hills

  • Eight Hales murdered
  • Cora Hale is believed to have died in the fire
  • Laura Hale murdered
  • Kate Argent killed
  • Peter Hale killed
  • Derek Hale becomes an Alpha
  • Lydia Martin hospitalized
  • Scott McCall becomes a werewolf


  • Allison Argent (late conflict)
  • Hales
  • Scott McCall (late conflict)
  • Stiles Stilinski (late conflict)
  • Jackson Whittemore (late conflict)

Kate Argent

First appearance

"Wolf Moon"

Last appearance

"Code Breaker"

The Hale Arson Conspiracy was an unsolved criminal act in which a fire mysteriously erupted in the Hale household, killing eight people. The conspiracy was solved in Winter 2011 when it was revealed that Kate Argent and a group of hunters set fire to the Hale house in an attempt to kill the werewolves living there, disregarding the lives of humans residing there as well.

History Edit

Burning the Hale House Edit

Unsolved case Edit

Peter Hale's revenge Edit

Attempted killings of Kate Argent and Peter Hale Edit

Aftermath Edit

Footnotes Edit

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