Nogitsune first attacks
Initial summoning of the Nogitsune
Chronological information

Hale Arson Conspiracy

Historical information

Riot at Oak Creek Internment Camp, 1943


Massacre at Eichen House and Oak Creek Internment Camp, 1943


Beacon Hills

  • Many killed at Eichen House
  • Many killed at Oak Creek Internment Camp
  • Nogitsune is buried in the roots of the Nemeton
Major battles

Confrontation in Oak Creek Internment Camp


Noshiko Yukimura


First appearance

"The Fox and the Wolf" (only appearance)

The initial summoning of the Nogitsune was a result of Noshiko Yukimura's wish to extract vengeance on the people who murdered her lover, Corporal Rhys during the Riot at Oak Creek Internment Camp. However, the Nogitsune instead possessed the body of Rhys to commit a massacre at the camp and Eichen House. It was eventually defeated by the combined efforts of Noshiko and werewolf Satomi Ito and imprisoned in a jar which Noshiko buried in the roots of the Nemeton.

History Edit

Prelude Edit

Possession and massacre Edit

Confrontation Edit

Aftermath Edit

Footnotes Edit

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