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Laura Hale is a born werewolf who was part of the original Hale pack under Talia Hale. She inherited the Alpha powers when Talia was killed in the Hale House Arson orchestrated by Kate Argent. She then moved to New York with her brother Derek Hale, only to return shortly before the series opens to investigate rumors of a new Alpha in Beacon Hills.

Laura is killed by her uncle Peter Hale and then later cut in half by the Argents as a way to ensure she stays dead and send a message to other werewolves in Beacon Hills. The bottom half of her body was found by two joggers, prompting the search in Wolf Moon. Scott McCall originally stumbles onto the other half of her body while looking for his lost inhaler, only to be chased away by a herd of frightened deer.

Derek buries her on the Hale property, but she is later dug up by Scott and Stiles Stilinski in an attempt to frame Derek for her murder.

 Relatives Edit

Talia Hale - mother

Derek Hale - younger brother

Cora Hale - younger sister

Peter Hale - maternal uncle

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  • Laura is described as "probably in her twenties" by the Sheriff's department while searching for her body in Wolf Moon.