Theo Raeken is a werewolf-coyote Chimera who pretended to help Scott McCall and his pack in an effort to get his pack as his own. When his plan fell apart, he decided to revive the deceased Chimeras instead.

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Theo lived in Beacon Hills when he was young, and attended the same grade-school as Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski. Like Scott, he suffered from asthema, and, in one instance, had to be sent to the emergency room as a result of a severe attack. Before he left school, Scott comforted him by talking about how easy the visit would be and how the doctors would help him by providing oxygen and a intravenous feed of Prednisone. Around that time, his sister got lost in the woods and died due to exposure.

Years later, after having moved from Beacon Hills, Theo broke into a house to skateboard in its empty pool. He lost track of time and, at one point, fell hard, but noticed that he never heard the board land. When he looked up, he saw a man with glowing red eyes and claws holding the board. Theo attempted to escape, but the Alpha werewolf effortlessly caught up to him and bit the right side of his torso, transforming him into a werewolf. By the time he figured out what he had become, he met another werewolf from the Alpha's pack who informed him that their Alpha had been murdered by twin betas.[1]

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Left without a pack, Theo was forced to fend for himself, but when he caught wind that Scott had become a True Alpha werewolf, he decided to return to Beacon Hills to join his pack. However, Theo became caught in a traffic jam alongside Kira Yukimura, Scott's girlfriend. They both attempted to get cell signal during the storm and, after they noticed one another, he informed her that his phone was non-receptive as well. After Scott maneuvered his motorcycle through the traffic to pick up Kira, the two headed to Beacon Hills High School to participate in the Senior Scribe. However, they were attacked by a mysterious creature who attempted to steal Scott's True Alpha status. Kira was immediately thrown aside and Theo arrived in time to help, but was defeated as well. Scott managed to overpower the creature and allowed him to flee whereupon Theo, in human form, introduced himself to Scott's pack and informed them of his interest in joining them.[2]

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